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Mazinger series Mikene Empire - Bruton by GearGades Mazinger series Mikene Empire - Bruton by GearGades
Next in the line in the Mikene Empire's line of Monsters , I give you the Insect Warrior Beast Bruton - yes despite his Vampire like aspect, the guy is a bug

Bruton was perhaps one of the dumbest Warrior Beats of the series - Despite been a strong fighter, do to to his odd body design and personality, he fought clumsily, the clumsiness got worst when force to fight in the daylight, as Bruton was nocturnal. Despite this, Bruton showed a pretty impressive arsenal more than any Warrior Beast:  a Sharp blade Boomerang, which hang on his upper chest, tridents for hands which were attached by chains which allowed to attacked at medium distances, a powerful fan located in the stomach area, which created hurricane force winds, his electromagnetic beams fired from his Antenna and a sonar signal which allowed him to control flocks of birds to attack people, as well divert attacks and Sharp talons, which would allowed him to carry any opponents, like Borot. He was one of the few Warrior Beasts to contain his brain and real face in his head.

Introduced on Episode 10 of the Great Mazinger series, Bruton was an Insect type Warrior Beast that served under it's General, Scarabeth, to be used to control flocks of birds to attack people, controlling them with its sonar - among them Bakarasu the Crow that has teased the Borot gang throughout part of the Z and Great series…. Running from the violent Bakarasu, Borot fell from a cliff and hide in a cave, where he stumble upon the sleeping Bruton and waking him, the Beast then carried Borot by the Talons, but was saved by Great Mazinger. The two fought but Burton escaped because of the morning sunrise. Later, under pressure of the Great General of Darkness, General Scarabeth was force to deploy Bruton to attack the city despite the Beast notoriety for been out of focus in the daytime. Bruton would then divert to rest after a brief rampage only to be bothered by Venus A, but her attacks were useless as the sleepy Bruton used his sonar to redirect her attacks. After the encounter, he flew to another cave to sleep through the day. When Great finally found him, Bruton fought even more clumsily than before, do to the sunlight, at one point getting grapple by his own chains in the fight. Finally, he accidentally flew straight to the Great Typhoon, and , Great threw him down and was finished by the Thunder Break attack, leaving General Scarabeth to deal the Great General's wrath for what was HIS own mistake of deploying this particular warrior beast.

Bruton has appeared many times through the franchise...

in the Manga…, he looked more insectoid than in the anime. In the Manga Mazinger Zero vs the Great General of Darkness and in the OVA Mazinkaiser vs the Great General of Darkness… Bruton sport the same design, looking more beetle like. In MKsTGGoD, Bruton briefly appears along with other Insect Warrior Beasts fighting Great Mazinger after he destroyed Raigon, over NYC during the intro sequence. He was likely destroyed before Generals Scarabeth and Angolas were, as he did not form part of the final battle in the ruins of the Photon Lab.
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Why wasn't he in Halloween?
GearGades Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017   Digital Artist
Because there was already a large selection of Monsters for the last and upcoming Halloweens.
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